Date: 8/1/2017

By KilgoreTrout

Me, Gabe, Leslie, and some other people were going somewhere on a boat, and it was supposed to take hours to get there, but it happened really quickly in the dream. I don't remember a lot that happened while we were there, but once I was driving and Gabe was in the passenger seat and we were being goofy I guess, and I touched the front of the dashboard and he said something about it, so I stroked the silver piece in the middle and rubbed it on his leg, and he said something about how I never want anything on my hands? Then there was a part where I was at this place where Cage lives, and we were kind of talking. Then he sang this song lyric about how he couldn't find his shoes, so I look around next to where I'm sitting and see a few pairs of shoes. Then I see his black high tops tossed next to this black box thing and point to them so he can see. He leans over to see and sits back up nodding like -smirk emoji- then he talks about how his graduation is coming up and hands a stack of invitations to the girl next to him. I remember feeling jealous about this. Then he hands stacks to me and the girl standing behind me. All of the cards were different and some had cats on them. He talked about how the colors didn't come out right, but I thought they looked fine. Since we liked all of the cards, and since they were all different he said that we could each pick four. Then something changed. I think I met my dad and we had to go somewhere, but I needed to shower first. I think he told me that Mom had a heart attack. Then we go back to the metal stairs and dock thing where we get back on to the boat, and there were a bunch of kids (like Carson's age (Carson is my 14 yo brother)) dressed in bold patterns and colors, and some had multiple colors too. One's hair was changing colors as she talked. She was being kind of a bully? I can't remember what she was saying, but I said something sarcastically about how they should totally come back with us because the people in our town would love them. Anyways, we get back on the boat, and I'm just feeling upset because of my mom and not knowing how she is. Once we get in the boat there's this sort of big beetle thing where I want to sit at the top of some stairs, so I flick it away down towards where Gabe is sitting below. When I look at it from that distance it actually looks like this massive roach thing but a little narrower, and it's slowly crawling towards me, and I'm still upset, so I just move a little each time it gets close enough, and every time I move I get cobwebs stuck on me which makes me even more upset. Then those kids come walking into the boat saying that they are coming actually. Can't remember a lot. We get where we're going and I go into this place to pick up a cake, but I really just cut off a slice of one and take it. Then I walk back in crying because I don't know what to do with it since I didn't know where my parents were, and the woman working was just telling me about how I could have tea with my friends and eat it then. So I leave again, and then I'm in this auditorium like Montevallo's (my school) sort of, and I'm sitting next to Will. I look around and see these trombonists sitting kind of diagonally behind us. One of them is Paul Nicklen which I just think is the best thing because I love that guy. They're all wearing the red band jackets too. Then somehow I have my trombone too, and I'm playing a few notes and I can hear them being repeated behind me so I play a little more. Then the show starts, and Will moves to put his arm over the back of my seat which I don't think much of until he puts his hand on my shoulder and pulls me into him a little. So I start crying because I'm remembering my mom, and people hugging me when I'm in a mood just makes me cry sometimes, I don't know. He just keeps his hand on my arm, kisses my forehead a few times, and looks down at me every now and then. Then, again, that piece of cake is in my hand, and i've taken one or two bites from it. I'm with this girl looking for my dad to let him try it too, and when I find him I'm still crying. I ask him if I should get another piece for mom, or if he wants to eat part of the one I have and save the rest for her. He says that he'll share it with her. That's about all I remember. Oh, at some point Gabe was looking through pictures we took and tells me that he can tell the temperature by how red my face is, and he held out a picture for me to see of me with my arm draped over someone's shoulders. I was wearing a big tie-dyed tank top with my hair in a ponytail. I remember thinking that I looked nice.