Summer camp with exorcism

Date: 2/8/2019

By rettiaj

I was a teacher at a children’s summer camp and one of these kids was very turbulent and always causing me problems. I tried to talk to him in private and he warned me not to put me against himself because he was gonna take revenge with his incredible powers. I asked him what he meant and he telekinetically moved a pot of yogurt in the kitchen and smashed it to the floor. His eyes had become red. I ran out of the kitchen for help, but when I came back into the classroom, the kid was already there. He had hypnotised the other students and started torturing me by nailing me to my chair (always telekinetically) and tickling my back with invisible fingers, making me wiggle a great deal. It was only when the headmaster entered the class that the kid stopped and was ordered to go to the “exorcise room” which was, apparently, a slight variation of the normal kids’ “exercise room”.