After thoughts

Date: 4/10/2017

By crmrar57tz

How can I describe the way I fully feel about you These adjectives aren't deep enough Could it be love? Or is it just lust... At nights I dream about you Sex in the slightest but you, You being so you in a time not passed sitting down holding hands watching sunsets in the sand You, Drive me crazier than the drugs did Steering me more than my father did Stole my heart and were proud of it Sometimes I hate that I love you so much I want give you it all but understand we both still need to grow and be able to stand tall, alone I don't want you to have to choose cause you will and what If i lose, well Here's the fear again You loving another, you forgetting about this, you touching another, even more you enjoying it And here I am again still you in my head, If it's so easy for you leave then why am I still contemplating in bed But you haven't left, not yet One more summer till you choose if it's best to just be friends I act like the days I'm with you will never end but the worlds out there still and it takes two to hold each other's hand And when you bring up the future I want to be mad I want to tell at you making you feel all the hurt I suffer being sad But I can't, these feels remind me to care, I look into your eyes and see that it's not just me who's scared