A rock in a floating place

Date: 2/4/2019

By reifur

Huckle and I found a giant rock Shaped like a boat and found that it floats. We decided that we needed to float across the sea on it. That it was our destiny. Preparing for this voyage I felt lazy and didn’t want to gather food. I thought we will be fine. All we need is a fishing rod and a gun to hunt for food(typical dave and huck attitude) . So we set off for sea and quickly realized how dangerous it was for huck and I to be on the boat without some sort of life vest or rope. If one were to fall off he would be carried away and lost forever so we decided to stop at the next island to acquire a rope. On the nearest island we knocked on the door of a lady i recognized to be my moms long lost sister(who doesn’t exist). We asked if she had any rope and if we could stay the night. She gave me the rope and gave us beds to sleep in. That night robbers were trying to break into the house, they were knocking on the door really fast. it woke us up and we dared not open the door (it had a purge feeing to it ) in the morning we set off for sea again now with a “life rope” one of us could save the other if fallen into the sea. We took turns jumping off the boat while the other one cast out the rope to save his life. It was quite fun. After a long time at sea we came to a giant foggy island with huge steep boulder mountains with vines coming off of them. We docked our rock and began to explore the spooky island. As we climbed up a ravine off the beach we noticed ancient castle looking structures and several man made paths going into the mountain. As we studied this we are attacked by a man with a bow. Thankfully he missed and gave us enough time to attack him. Now we had a bow and some meat(we decided to keep the body for food lol) and set out to kill every last native on the island. They looked like the cannibals from King Kong. so it wasn’t hard to shoot them in the face. We climbed over a mountain down into a valley and found there was hundreds of them. And this is when I woke up.