frat ? (8/30/19)

Date: 8/31/2019

By jadaking

we were at this frat house ? i remember seeing brandyn ronyck there with amy, dana, kayla thomas & jenna.... i was there so was amelia & mason (lots of others too, but it wasn’t a party) nick pollick was there and he came up & kissed me, i tried to pull away but he was kissing so hard i couldn’t, he physically wouldn’t let go, my lips & tongue felt like they were getting ripped off anyways i don’t remember anything from the frat house bedsides that, but i remember running to this Italian place to go eat at like 3 am cuz i was so hungry, it was very morden. The next thing i see is amelia standing in the pick up line waiting & mason comes out from the bathroom we all laughed at each other