The Party and the Cop

Date: 9/2/2019

By 34ben

My parents were taking a week long vacation without me. They were coming back in 2 days and I decided to throw a project x level party. Everyone I know, all the alcohol in the world, throwing furniture out the window type shit. So the party happened and it was going just as great as expected until we heard sirens and everyone scattered as a police cruiser entered he driveway. It wasn’t a normal one either it looked like a normal van with lights on tops, maybe undercover. So as me and my friend hide in the bushes he knocks on the front door. After waiting a few moments he kicks it in. To my knowledge no one was inside. After about 5 minutes of searching he exits the house and starts taping it off like a crime scene. He’s going to stake it out until someone enters the house. This seemed like very odd behavior for a cop called in. I know I can’t go back so I sleep at my friends house and return in the morning. He is still waiting, lighting a cigarette outside his car. I pretend to be a concerned neighbor and approach him. I ask “what happened here?” He replied “lots of noise complaints about a party. You know the owner?” I replied “oh no I just jog on this street.” And I continue walking. At this point I realized that my friend had passed out and was still in the closet. Later I show up to a neighborhood barbecue to try to figure out who called the cops. Naturally they were all talking about the buzz down the street yet there was a common thread among all the conversations. With little variations here and there the base of each conversation I heard was this: “ya big mess, who do you think called the cops?” Then the reply: “I don’t know wasn’t me. Was it you?” Answer every time with “No”. It appeared as though not a single person in my neighborhood called the cops. If the cops weren’t alerted like the man said that makes him a liar and begs the question, was the man at my house even a cop? And if not a cop... who was he? I went back to the bushes near my house with my friend to spy on the cops. Now that I looked at him again, his uniform seems cartoonish like a costume. My friend taps me on the shoulder and says “you got to see this man” it was an amber alert for a missing child who had been abducted from a park. It had no relevance to the story until I saw the matching license plate parked in my driveway. This was no cop. When I looked up again the cop wasn’t in sight. He must’ve gone inside to search again. That’s when I remember my friend still inside. He must’ve made a noise or something. Oh no, being arrested just became the smallest of his problems. We rushed inside to find our friend hanging from the chandelier with his jaw bloodied and broken. It was a trap.