Cats, games and events

Date: 7/10/2017

By Dreamofy

I worked at a laboratory that studies skin disorders on cats and creates better treatment methods for them. The lab technicians were currently working on mange and had 2 cats with a moderate case of it. They were friendly and wanted to follow me everywhere until I found a healthy cat who needed some help to socialize with people and the other cats. This cat didn't like anyone else but me for some reason and would follow me even when I left the lab. I also had to organize a fund raiser at a local gaming event in my hometown (it could have been rAge) for the lab that I worked at. Had fun running the event but don't recall what I did and Ubisoft came out with another just dance game that mixed the concept of Just Dance with Singstar. I vaguely recall choosing a random song that included a lot of rap. My cousins joined in and we had a bit of fun.