The revival of my past

Date: 8/16/2017

By EliijahMoss

I can not begin to explain how this has come to exist. There is too much to discuss that would help in some type of way clarify my next words. Hopefully, my journals afterwards will aid with that. I do not remember how this dream started. However, I will not forget what happened in it. I was in some apartment complex that seemed so familiar. When I dream, reality is displayed in the dream world, yet it is skewed; it is morphed to resemble only a little bit of what it actually looks like. Things tend to change in an instant. One minute I could be on top of a mountain watching a movie, and in the blink of an eye, I’m fighting in a war speaking Chinese. Now, back to the dream. My old manager started talking to me and I noticed the sky changing. Sirens were going off and the sky started to swirl. It swirled violently and began to look as if the world was coming to an end. I felt no fear at all, yet she panicked. I felt a weird aura engulf me from the inside. Like it was a primordial instinct. I lifted my right hand without hesitation, and that’s when the dream get interesting. In front of me before were buildings. After I raised my hand, the sky turned blue. The clouds became clear. An ocean vast beyond the shores of time pearled and bloomed. It was magnificent. It was beautiful! The destroy chaos is another thing, yet to turn it into beauty. It haunts me right now just thinking of it. I can not remember what happened afterwards, expect that I was in a class room setting. I have never seen this room before, yet I felt nostalgic. I felt as if I have been there before. It was filed with people that I can not remember. They were not normal what so ever. On the board, including the handouts that we all received, were instructions and lesson plans. It was a manual on how to control out powers. It was a class room training for the mystics. I do apologize for not remembering most of what came before and after that. However, this was a start. It gave me hope and determination to continue my search on who I really am.