Date: 6/25/2017

By mspace

I'm the beginning of the dream, there were a bunch of students standing in a school hallway, all gathered together. And then they were all on a pool deck. Like, twelve boys were playing water soccer. It was in a tiny yard tho, and the objective of the game was to kick the ball as far as they could out of the pool. The twelve or so boys that were playing were sitting in deck chairs that had towels draped over the back. There were teachers, like Coach Thomas, yelling at the boys that they could do better. One of the boys, Mikael, kicked the ball into the neighbors' several times, and once he kicked it up against the house so she came out and flirted with him. From this gathering of kids, three boys were chosen, and three girls were chosen. We weren't really chosen, but we all found ourselves together. Mikael was one of the boys, and the two others were sort of indistinct. One was sticky and had dark hair, that's all I remember. Two of the girls were also vivid--one had long dark hair and deep, electric blue eyes and she loved Mikael fiercely, and her name was L----. The other was black with curly hair, blonde at the ends, S----, and she loved Mikael only because the first girl did. The third girl might have been me. So, we had to get out. I don't know why. The water soccer was the first task on our way to escaping, and the next one involved swimming across this lake. As we were swimming,Shyla got caught in metal wire, and we untangled here and went forward, around the bush. There stood a giant swan, opaque like glass. The six of us turned into swans and tried to assert our dominance by splashing and making a lot of noise, but the swan kept coming, so we turned and fled. There was metal all in the water around the swan, and S---- somehow figured out that that meant she wasn't a swan. She was some sort of golem, an object forced to live its life out as a human or other creature, and it was desperate for energy. The second time we met it, we tried to swim faster, but we kept getting caught on the wires. S---- got out of the water and on to the riverbank, and was bending wires back and everything, but the swan still came for us. We somehow moved to a lake house. The swan had, when it was still an object, been a sword, but a really old, rusted sword that was flaking apart and falling everywhere. And now the swan had changed, to be a young girl--maybe 8--with a big round face and dirty, corn husk hair. "Give me ten pieces of yourself," she said, "and then I'll let you pass." S---- was clever, so she didn't give any pieces of herself, but instead she found pieces of the girl that had been dropped off her. I forget exactly what they were, but there were five toenails, some fingernails. When it was all done, S---- had only found 9 loose pieces of the girl/swan/sword lying about. "Take my finger," the girl instructed, so S---- stepped forward and broke off the girl's pinky. The most difficult part to break was the bone, her flesh was too soft because of all the time she'd spent in the water. She was delighted with her new finger and pressed it to her check and too her mouth, whispering how delicious it was going to taste. She was so desperate for energy she'd been slowly cannabalizing herself. The six of us got out of there as fast as we could, the dark haired boy touching me on my back and telling me "We better to before she starts on us." We went down the back porch stairs and dove off the embankment, swimming for a city of colorful homes on the other side of the lake, and that's when I forced myself to wake up.