Spirit Maiden

Date: 5/6/2017

By Fitful

I had recently moved to a new place very far away. My mom had snuck a visit and we found two pitiful kittens in the rain. We dried them and lounged on the bed cuddling with the sleepy kittens. They were tabbys beautiful little things, one had an entirely grey head, and one an entirely black head. I loved them, but didn't want to keep them. Mom said I should, one for her and one for me. I asked didn't she have cats already, Jake and Ktisma? Nana wouldn't let her have another I knew. She said no one had told her she couldn't. I smiled at the soft kittens and called them sun cats. ~ I had a laptop and it only loaded 13gb every day, it sorta collapsed the storage space when I closed the lid and then reflashed it each time I turned it back on. It left only 500mb of data to use for daily processing. It was very full, I kept too much stuff on it. I wondered how I filled it up that fast. ~ Laura was on the phone, my ex girlfriend. In the dream she might have been a current girlfriend. She was on my Nana's green Volvo car phone, the Volvo was flying through the blue sky, and it sounded like her but it wasn't acting like her at all. I freaked out, for days, completely convinced it wasn't her. She thought me crazy but I was utterly convinced, even tho the number on the caller ID was hers in real life. Anyway because I freaked out over it she broke up with me, which is typical of her. She broke up with me over everything, especially me angry over something. ~ We, myself and two others, found a tiny apartment in the middle of a shopping district. It was very glitzy and glamorous, especially when we were used to a secluded island life. We had no money and no food and were terribly hungry. This apartment also had a bathroom with no toilet and we kept having to figure would ways to go use the restroom. It seemed like all the surrounding stores and restaurants wanted you to purchase something first before you could use the facilities. I kept having to pee and I was so hungry. I kept looking for a job in the immediate area. There were so many many places I thought it should be easier but it wasn't. I finally came up with the plan to get us three to a food panty. With some food we might be able to think. ~ I was arguing with my grandfather in McDonald's, somehow I managed to get us to McDonald's and some food. He was being terribly rude and mean and I wasnt much better in response, I asked him what made him so bitter and angry, in an argumentative yelling way. He told me he had been playing an rpg and lost his whole game. It had been deleted and he couldnt ever get all that work back. He was very dignified in his pain, I opened my mouth to yell, and stopped before I could. I'd been there before, felt the pain for the loss of all that work. And i just closed my mouth and sat at the booth we had been sitting at. Somehow during our argument the three booths in a row along the wall had swung around like the middle was a turntable. It was the same booth but the opposite side of the row. He sat beside me and there was silence. I might have begun with an apology and/or sympathy but a child's head with golden curls and angel wings behind it popped up between us, as if peeking up from under the table. He told me in a child's little whisper I was going to play his game. It was going to happen. ~ I was playing the rpg game. It was amazing, you came out in a forest. The trees were so tall and I was in the game like in real life, it looked real too, shiney pretty real life. The game was hungry for new players to absorb into the war. These guys came down from the trees, ready to press me into service. They threw me this flying train car. It fell, collapsed and condensed, but midway opened to be a complete flying machine car/train. I marveled at how easy it was to build things here, better than minecraft. You just had to think and it was so. The guy and his posse came down on ropes and hundreds of little trains and flying contraptions came out of the woodwork. The train tracks one the ground were so close together trains passing each other side by side had to morph into liquid and shapeshift to pass each other. He was adamantly assured I would join them. I was cocky and sly and didn't intend anything of the sort. I did steal the car/train tho. ~ I slept with a girl, and then she slept with a friend of mine, a blonde woman, and a guy too. We all found this out while driving to the island for a visit, we were talking about this girl. The girl was wild and crazy and didn't seem to care about her partner orgasam but only wanted to fuck in the Mediterranean Sea. She litterally only hooked up with people to fuck them in the sea. The guy also said it was weird, she was a little crazy because she felt dark energy all the time and used it it to know when not to go somewhere. I privately thought maybe the dark vibe thing was actually real but I didn't say anything. ~ On the island we stopped at the hotel, which was only two room. We had stayed here before and got our same room. The doctor was here to make an abortion. I was sad about this and didn't agree. They aborted even after birth, and this child was now two years old. I followed the doctor to the woman's home where the child was screaming. I knew children could sense what was about to happen, even tho the adults usually lied and told the children they were going to sleep. The child in question, a little boy, had a extra snaggle tooth pushed too far out from his neat perfect row of front teeth, it didn't belong and it was abscessed and bleeding. The mother told the doctor she had tried to address it normally, she didn't want her child to be aborted, but her husband, afraid, insisted they call the doctor. The doctor looked at it and immediately diagnosed it as a demon inside there. That it would grow quickly and inside the child's brain anyway, and kill it painfully. Best to abort now quickly. I saw what she was talking about, this creature was illustrated in her mind so I knew she wasn't lying or superstitious. An island girl, as dark of skin as the doctor, came walking by the house, this was an island house so there were no windows and it was built open to the weather, so she overheard easily. She said she knew how to fix it. She said you had to lance it now, the creature would fall out with the pus, and you had to catch it in glass and kill it immediately. She said it was dangerous work but the child would live. The doctor was immediately pushed aside by the mother who wanted to know more. The doctor was devistated she hadnt known this treatment. The island girl claimed the spirits told her, she was a Spirit Maiden. I held the doctor's hand. We stood there for a while. I asked the doctor how long it had been since her ancestors lived on the island, she said 5 generations. I comforted her, saying maybe it's the seclusion which kept them in touch with the spirits. I told her I could feel her sadness. (Even tho in my head I knew she was acting, like this was a movie but I didn't want to say it and ruin the moment) Then I started taking to my guy who I lived with, he wasn't there, but i said that he had to work with me, it's happening, it's the fall. Of course the words made no sense in context. ~ Back home, in the shopping district, we were again at McDonald's. It had a more Diner feel to it this time. But as I was walking up the steps from the booth area to the rest of the place I was also my guy staring at me walk up the stairs, I was wearing a white dress which showed off my svelte figure. I said "You have to work with me, it's happening, it's the fall" , but in the stairs the rest of the words which he needed to know scrolled down and I could read them clearly through his eyes. It was crucial information and it was very clear. The words made sense now with the rest of the paragraph around them. I woke up in a hospital to them saying I had a brain aneurysm.