Pretty intense

Date: 9/16/2019

By Lostmysamity

Got a new job at a store recently, and we had to watch those ‘What to do if an attacker comes in’ videos. And when they had the little graphic warning I had low expectations, but boi oh boi it was pretty realistic. And I guess I’ve been thinking about it a lot to where it’s affecting my dreams. The dream played twice, but different both times. The first loop I was going through the store and an older man (late 50’s to early 60’s) stood me and asks where something is. I look over to point him in the direction when all of a sudden there’s a sharp pain in my neck. And then warm blood gushing everywhere. I fall to the ground, and he starts trying to go after my customers (who aren’t really reacting) so I cling to feet like you do when you’re a kid. He tries to kick me off and even stomps on me a little but I couldn’t let him hurt anybody else. I couldn’t scream for help either, and I knew I was going to die. I used all my energy to pull him backward and he just kept stabbing me in the back. I manage to knock him over and I just crawl on top of him. I use my weight to pin him down, and my blood floods over him. I hear help finally approaching and I’m pretty sure I died, but the store was safe. Then it resets, but this time I’m in aisle farther away from that old man. But another one, this one only in his 40’s or so staggers up to me. He seems drunk and pissed off, he doesn’t even say anything before pulling out a gun from behind him and just aiming right toward my head. He expects me to run to the side, and I want to because there’s good cover there, but I knew there wasn’t enough time and the second he saw me attempt to run in that direction he would have pulled the trigger. So I jump side to side, like when you’re trying to block a pass in Basketball. And then just pounce him, we both hit the ground, the gun slides off, and I put my knees on his wrists to immobilize him. That one went better than the first, and I ended up getting promoted and well respected. I pray this never happens, and the likelihood of it is minuscule. But I would hope I can act the same, and that fear won’t take over. However it seems that in fight or flight, I tend to lean more toward fight. But it’s a completely different sensation when it’s in your face. Anyway, sorry if this one was a bit graphic