preparing to date a guy I don’t even like, I was fed a spoonful of frosting, weirdness

Date: 9/8/2019

By evp722

I was at my nanas house and my mom and nana (grandma) were there. In my dream I remembered a text I got apparently a few days ago from a kid (also my friend’s ex) who I don’t even like or talk to in real life. The text he sent said “meet me at *insert name of restaurant I can’t remember* I’ll be at the table in the 3rd row to the right. Meet me there.” He didnt specify what day but said we should meet at 9:00. I for some reason didn’t reply to this text because he didn’t specify what day to meet and then I forgot about it, only to remember a few days later while at my nanas house (I guess that was the backstory to my dream). Well I reread the text he sent then asked my mom why he wanted to meet at 9 because that’s pretty late. She said “that’s a normal time for a date”. I was afraid he would think that I ghosted him because maybe he meant we were supposed to meet the day he send the text? I thought about it at first and then reply to his text something like “what day should we meet?”. For some reason, I also text paragraphs of random shit that is not related to the date or our relationship whatsoever. Something about birds and windows and shit. A second later, he texts back. In this dream, his name is Jary (pronounced j-air-ie) but in real life his name is Evan. Anyway he sent something like “We can go on the date Saturday. Your whole text did not go through, Lol.” I was kind of relieved that it all didn’t go through because that meant he didn’t get the paragraphs of random nonsense. But why did I sent it in the first place? Who knows. Suddenly, he appeared in front of me sitting on my Nana’s recliner chair. I guess it was already Saturday or something. From across the room, my nana mouths “fix your hair!” I picked up a piece of my hair and oddly stroked it for a few minutes, and Evan/Jary asked my why I was doing that. I said “I’m just fixing my hair!” This is when it gets even weirder. My nana and mom were sitting at the dinner table, and I guess the kid was still sitting in the recliner. On the table there was a weird spoon that could stand up on its own, and it had a small mound of white frosting on it. My mom and nana both stared at me, so I walked over and began eating the frosting...with JUST MY MOUTH. I didn’t even use my hands to pick up the spoon. They both looked at me, then at eachother and smiled and nodded like they just accomplished something. Apparently it was their goal to get me to sit at the table with them. My dream ended with me licking frosting off the spoon. I didn’t even go on the date. I guess this dream represents my singleness.