My brother came back

Date: 2/1/2019

By Cohbria

So I was shopping at a mall. I ended up at a department store that was like A.C. Moore or Micheal's. My current boss, Wade, was the boss of this store. He pointed out deals the me and my mother. We ended up buying an assortment of things. We were outside and somehow my brother found us. I was so surprised. He was different. He lost a large amount of weight and almost looked emaciated. He had been shopping. He said he went away because he was tired of his baggy clothes. He lifted his shirt to show how skinny he was, I could see his hip bones. He also seemed shorter because of his posture, kind of hunched over. I found a green and red stylish flannel. I told him it didn't really seem like his style but I liked it. He said he wanted to go meet girls and asked about the local places to do so. I told him the local bar and the bowling alley. I was going to go with him and I wanted to bring my boyfried so I looked more like his sister. I didn't want to hinder his chances. We ended up at a gaming club that was reviewing some updates in League of Legends. On a big screen if was showing how well Ahri's additional dash works.