Remember four different dreams...

Date: 2/1/2017

By mysticmusic94

They aren't in order but I did pretty good remembering four different dreams I had last night... 1. My friend in reality hasn't been eating much lately and in my dream she was telling me how shes doing it because she wants to lose weight. She said she already lost four pounds. In reality Ive been a bit worried and in my dream I was worried. In this dream I also was trying to plan how to help and how to tell someone about it. 2. In reality one of friends unfollowed me on Instagram and in my dream I had a dream that I asked him why as we were hanging out. I felt a bit angry in my dream. 3. In reality my great grandpa died two years ago i believe. In my dream he passed away but he kept coming back to life and dying again. It was very strange. My papa (my grandpa and his son) was also there and we were all upset. 4. This was the last dream I remember having and this is the most vivid one and I believe the last one before I woke up. I was having a party with hundreds of people in what looked like my bedroom but it was much bigger. My friend vicky had dresses for me to try on and I remember i really wanted to try on the dresses and have fun but there were people at the party that kept trying to steal stuff in my bedroom. I kept hiding things but I was so worried I had no fun. We even used my disco speaker at the party and there were people in my closet dancing too. In the dream my closet was pretty big and could fit people in it. I wish I had had any fun but all well it was just a dream. I felt very upset. Thanks for reading!