Farm 1

Date: 4/30/2017

By teerific

Estefany and I went out to a movie I think, we parked my car on Farm 1. We got inside and there were two guys, one of them looked very young and the other was named George. I went to the bathroom and during that time Estefany talked to the boys. George asked for my number and she gave it to him. I came back and they were all there. The young looking guy smiled at me and held out his hands, I took them thinking he wanted to dance. Instead, he licked and kissed my neck. I pushed him off, but he came back, so I punched him and tripped him down, then kicked him. George laughed. I grabbed Estefany's hand and we went to look for my car. It was very dark. Farm 1 was nowhere to be found. We went back into the theater and came across a security guard and we asked him to help us find my car. He started walking and took us to a wall that had dog leashes on it, insisting that I needed one. I said I didn't need a dog leash, that we were both 18, and that we needed to be home ASAP. He didn't believe our ages. We turned around and looked for the car again.