Ancient Egypt has hidden NASA tech (INSANE DETAIL RECALL)

Date: 8/25/2017

By BeastFromTheEast

I actually remembered 10x more detail but I forgot it. I HAD TWO MORE DREAMS THAT I WAS WRITING DOWN THIS DREAM IN MY DREAM! I have a really cool name venniditt riveritt or something. I remembered it exactly and wrote it down but was still dreaming. I thought I was awake. I am walking up these stairs and then I'm in this building in kind of this really cool floor that is curved like the top of a sphere. There is a narrator guy and he is talking about ancient Egyptian proverb. About the ancient legends of ancient lost world's and stuff or whatever. There is this map that shows all the different discovered areas. But something doesn't add up, there's this one part that shows a pyramid or something but it's nowhere to be found. We then come to the conclusion that it is UNDERGROUND. I go in the desert and somehow am now exploring the temple. There is a long Hall that has 4 90 degree turns then, there is a old NASA testing base. It was basically this room that looked like a cylinder cut in half. The room was abroximately 15ft tall and maybe 20ft long. Like I said it came out from the tunnel and the walls were curved. Imagine cutting a margarine container down the middle and connecting it to a long ancient tunnel. Anyway it felt like ancient alien technology. There is a huge sign that says NASA and there is big black foam pads dotted all over the walls. Which is supposed to be for zero gravity. I guess the idea was it was supposed to spin to simulate zero gravity but there was no separation from the concrete and no doors for airtight. So I guess NASA has ancient alien tech?. Anyway I took a water balloon and present its floating in zero gravity like you see in the space station videos.. The tunnel ended with a huge list shaped control room with lots of old computers the size of cars and control stuff for fancy wancy diddly do's