I'm a girl-yet I am a male...

Date: 3/5/2017

By isms

Last night, I basically dreamt that I was living with the struggle that I'm sure ALL transgender people go through. I wanted to be identified as a boy, and I think I maybe had my first t shots, because I was growing facial hair. I went to a weird college that was inside a huge old house, and my first class was an art class that was held in the basement. I got down there and the teacher was understanding of my transition, but there were a few students who threw crumpled paper balls at me and moved my chair away from the table, etc....it was only the cis males that had a problem. All of the girls thought I was cute and they gave me their numbers. My art teacher finally had enough and she told the cis guys to get out of her classroom,then she pulled out an Indiana Jones whip and started flicking it in the air,and telling the guys to get out and that they would receive an F in her class for being assholes. ( I wish it was that easy for all the LGTBQ people out there....ily and stay strong)