crashing the boat

Date: 8/15/2017

By chilipeppa

so fam went to the lake and we were all hanging out with the islanders. at one point sam and i were sitting on a bed just talking and we starting talking about sexuality and it came up that im bisexual and she was like oh you are? And i was like chill about but super happy because I've had a crush on her for a while and we've always had some sexual tension i guess. so we ended up having sex lmao and i was fucking her with a strap on and at one point it came out and she was like "dude why are you just humping me" and it was really awkward hahahah but next thing i know it's the next day and we took the pontoon boat out on the lake, but crashed it into this fancy hotel or store on the lakeside and shattered a bunch of glass and furniture. we were like lol whatever and got some lemon infused water they had in this lounge area while the front desk people were freaking out. to make a long story short we damaged thousands of dollars worth of shit and next time we went by there there were people in robes standing in the doorway like monks and there was a fundraiser banner for the repairs