Poop in rich stranger's home, Zamboni ice rink, Mark and Roy

Date: 2/1/2017

By Purple

I was a passenger in someone's car on the way to a party in a home hosted by people I never met before. As introductions were made, my timing was awkward with many interruptions. I introduced myself again to people I met in the car on the way up. I"m not sure if this stranger's home was upstate or Connecticut. The lady of the house seemed really nice. I felt awkward, as people were mulling about, getting things ready for the upcoming party. There was a zamboni, actually MAKING ice in a large indoor arena...but it was snowing!! The machine was successful in icing over the bare floor, but had a hard time icing over the carpeted areas. I asked to use the bathroom. The lady of the house showed me all the light and fan switches. There was an overkill with the choices. But as she showed me each setting, I chose my preference for each one. I had to move my bowels and was self-conscious about the amount of time I was there. There was a crumpled-up 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper. I got up from the bowl and unraveled the paper. It was a note, hand-written by someone in the home, maybe the hostess? The writing was round, and resembled my mom's handwriting. It started with "Dear Lisa," but I don't recall the rest of the note. The handwritten note took up the top third of the page. The rest of the page (and the back of the paper, too) were images of various things for sale. I felt it was private, but I scanned the letter with my eyes anyway. I debated if I should leave it where I found it. I finished my business, flushed and washed up. I found the hostess and another woman I traveled with when I came out of the bathroom. Somehow scene changed back to zamboni: We were watching the zamboni and the two women were saying how lucky they were to have such an opportunity to get this rink in their home. She and the other woman descended a flight of stairs I hadn't noticed at first. I must have looked away for a moment when they disappeared/walked down the stairs. I looked back to see them, and they were beneath me. I was startled, thinking they dropped. One second they were with me, the next they were not. Mark L and Roy B appeared. Mark was wearing retainers with a protruding wire out of the left side of his mouth. I thought that was odd, because my retainers didn't have the same contraption. Then I took my retainers out of my mouth and examined them. The wire should be on the inside. Mark was pacing outside while I made this discovery. When he came back inside, I showed him. He called his orthodontist who told him the wire should be on the inside. Somehow Mark and Roy were talking about my job at the jewelers (the abusive job I left almost a year ago). Roy piped in and said I was always right in my role there. I joked (but none of us laughed) that even though I was the quiet one [I was right]? Roy became very serious and said yes - which made me even more right because of my patience and maturity. I thanked him for saying that. I think the dream ended here.