Running Hand in Hand

Date: 1/27/2017

By ForgottenIn2015

I had a really scary dream where I was back in high school and there was a shooting going on. I remember people mobing out in one hallway and I directed some people to the little known band hallway so they could escape because there were so many people in the mob in the other hall nlbody was moving. As people ran I saw a red haired girl. She grabbed my hand and pulled me, almost trying to get me out of there and I told her to just go. She would not. I ripped my hand from hers and closed the fire doors at the end of the hall and pushed a teachers desk from one of the lesson rooms to prevent the shooter from moving down the hallway and the girl grabbed my hand again. This time I went with her but again yanked my hand free. As we walked around a few corners I could no longer hear gunshots or screams. It seemed the shooter must have been on the other side of the school. I hurried to walk out and the girl then put her arm aroumd me. I broke free and she did it agin just smiling and laughing. It was really woerd considering we were escaping an active shooter. But I kept getting free and eventually we made it outside and then I woke up.