A Goat and a Puppy

Date: 9/5/2019

By aaatisu

The first setting was probably in the 1800s and I was going down the stairs in a wooden house. The stairs were L-shaped and there was a door on the landing. Since the house was made of wood, you could see a little of bit of the outside because there were spaces between the wooden planks. I hushed my friend who just stepped down on the landing when an old farmer started knocking on the door. Suddenly a goat appeared beside my friend and started making noises because it wanted to go out. In the next scene, I was on another staircase. It was dark in the house and the only area with light was at the bottom of the staircase. When I was going down the stairs, I saw my mom sitting at the bottom stair and there were chocolate labrador puppies by her feet. I took one of the puppies that tried to climb the stairs and sat halfway the staircase. I looked at the puppy closely as I adored its cuteness then laid it down with its back on my thighs and rubbed its belly.