Ghost Parade

Date: 6/22/2017

By 1HZ03

I am driving around in my car and I notice I'm falling asleep at the wheel. I'm dosing and swerving and gliding pass the stop light into the intersection and cars go around to avoid hitting me. As this happens people appear as ghost on both sides of the road like ghost of parade watchers. They range from teenagers to young adults. Each is wearing dark or black clothing, I'm not sure of which; as well as a prom like sash. I don't remember what they read but everyone had one with one word written on it. As they appear on the side of the road they said in unison: I have a sister. I have a girlfriend. I felt annoyed and replied fuck your girlfriend. Fuck yourself. I noticed a teddy bear like object in their hand and they would toss it in the road as I said fuck off and another one would appear to match my next curse word. The bears were tossed in the road. They were annoyed by my lack of care and begin to make threats. "I will haunt you". Fuck off. "I will rip your eye lids off while you're asleep" Alright, sorry just go away. I pass through the intersection and I'm instantly no longer in my car but walking down the street. I see teenage girls stumbling and walking down as though they were Zombies. As I pass they would hit on me for attention. It was weird that there were minimum street lights and the streets were littered with zombies street walkers. No one seemed to notice they werent home. I sense these girls were connected to the ghost parade and this was their punishment for killing or ignoring them. I walk pass some and they begin to crowd. I had to hit one in the head with a rocket that appeared in my hand and escape. While running I see two guys dragging a guy to a car trunk. I scream help and realized they probably weren't the best help and woke up immediately.