Prince (happy dream!

Date: 7/16/2019

By paola2511bl

I was in Spain and idk why but sebas was at the hotel and there was a storm and he wouldn’t let me be around him bc he had a bad feeling carried a him so he didn’t want me getting hurt. Samuel had a bad felling too. We went house watching and my parents and I went to see a beautiful apartment and the rooms were huge and it had 4 rooms. The view was gorgeous My parents made an offers that was really low so for some reason we had to go to the jury. There was the royalty and I got on a bus and the princess and prince were there and they were around my age. I was with another girl younger than me and I had no money to get her donuts while the other girls did. The princess’ friend was being really mean and the princess stoped it and gave the lil girl food. Then i don’t remember how but the prince started talking ab music and he asked a couple people what music they like and it was newer songs and he asked me and idk why but I said that I really missed 1D and he started singing so I started to tear up so he sat in front of me and and started talking to me and he had a good personality and we were hitting it off. And I shoot my shot. He began talking about how he had to Marry someone and I said “I’ll marry you” and he said “fr” pshh ofc i would. And then we were talking ab how it didn’t have to do anything w him being a prince because I honestly don’t care! Then he tried talking to me ab a game called “flat” and he’s like “are you green” like the team and I didn’t know so we laughed and I said I’ll learn BUT WHAT I DIDNT KNOW WAS THAT THE BUS I WAS ON WAS A TEAM SPOTT BUS. So we got somewhere and we had to play. Then I woke up