Dead baby staircase

Date: 8/3/2017

By katelynrsmith

I walk into my apartment building and I'm carrying a ton of stuff. Like groceries and my purse and stuff. And I'm also carrying a baby. I start to go up the staircase and it's just stairs that go on forever so I'm climbing all the way the fuck up there and I'm sweating and everything is really heavy and just as I'm about to step onto the final step at the top, I slip and I start to fall back all the way down. As I'm tumbling down the stairs I'm dropping everything. The groceries are everywhere and my purse is scattered but somehow I still managed to hold onto the baby. So finally I fall to the bottom of the staircase and I stand up and the baby is just torn apart. It's blood is all over me and it's all bruised and battered up. I'm horrified so I run back up the stairs with the baby and I actually make it to my apartment door. I go inside and there's a bunch of people in my living room. I'm in hysterics trying to tell them what just happened and how my baby is dead but they all start yelling at me telling me that it's my fault my baby is dead and I murdered my baby and such. I was horrified and was trying to tell them that it was an accident but nobody listened to me.