Monster Abduction in a Small Summer Town [7/08/19]

Date: 7/8/2019

By BlueMoon

I had two dreams tonight. The first was a sort of game that I was in, and apparently it was a pretty serious game of tag. It was like a VR game or something, because I wasn’t playing on a computer I was playing right from myself (if that makes sense). I think it was played around my school, and despite there being lots of people there only one was chasing me. She was on the larger side, and I believe she had thin brown hair held up in a bun. She was wearing purple and gold, but that’s all I can remember. At the beginning of the game we had been friends but then I said something that made her super mad at me. I remember running through the hallways, pushing through people as she screeched and chased after me. At one point I got into a closed room and this kid in there (short, scrawny kid, sun-tanned skin, black hair) told me to log out so she wouldn’t get me. It was a crappy move to make but for some reason I did it but instantly rejoined. The girl chasing me was in the room and demanded why I did that. I told her there had been something I had to do and I knew that I wouldn’t be on the computer later so I had to do it then. ————————————————— This next dream is much longer and more detailed. I would cut it down, but I’m working on dream recall and there’s a lot of things I remember with this one. Sorry! The second dream was more morbid. Sometimes I have dreams where I swear I’ve had them before, but then when I start to doubt myself and think it was just deja vu. At this point I’m not really sure, but either way this dream was one of those. It also involves real people whose names I will hide for the sake of privacy. The dream starts with my family (well, my brother and my dad. My mom didn’t appear) in some kind of gift shop, buying things before we get to our destination. But this wasn’t a normal gift shop - they had all different types of stuff there. You’ll see. I only call it a gift shop because I’m not really sure what else to name it - it didn’t sell groceries or those sorts of items, just random stuff. The section of the shop we were in was on the smaller end, with honey colored wood walls and lots of windows letting in natural light. The store was really crowded, not with people but with stands holding little random foods and trinkets. At one point, my brother and my dad were heading over somewhere and I noticed these marshmallow/vanilla animals they were selling. There was three - a moose, a panda, and one more I can’t remember. They were about the size of my hand and detailed with chocolate. I asked my dad if we could get one but they were $20! Too much for that. I catch up to my dad and find that my brother is holding a ginormous yellow and green snake, speaking calmly to it even as it hissed at him. I remember being so confused - I didn’t know he was a snake person! It cuts to later in the dream. We’re in a small town area, surrounded by lots of towering trees. What “I” (you’ll see as I explain) don’t know is that the town is infested with these monsters. They can take a human appearance, but can also transform into these horrifying, distorted humanoid shapes. I specifically remember one being really tall and thin, with long, oversized limbs stretching down and ending with claws. There are lots of these monsters in the town, taking form as humans and then changing as they carry out their work. That work happens to be abducting, torturing, and killing children. Yeah. I said it was morbid. So, as I hinted at earlier, this dream wasn’t all from “my” perspective. My dream self didn’t know things that I, as the observer of the dream, did know. It’s kind of strange, because I would randomly switch my perspective around. There was one point when I was a random girl running through the forest. It was dawn, and the sky was a pale shade of blue. The heavy tree cover didn’t let down much light. I was running through the forest, out of breath and I knew there was a monster behind me. Eventually I got to a huge tree with a crevice in the bottom. I slipped through and somehow ended up in a ditch underneath the tree, where I waited. I don’t know much, as this segment was brief, but I do remember one of the monsters slowly poking it’s head in, with a sharp grin etched from one side of its head to the other as it watched me. Then my perspective switched. I was with my brother and his friends. One of his friends (someone we don’t know in real life) was shouting at them, threatening to do something (I forget what) really bad. For some reason I ran forwards and just hugged him and he was like really relieved by it. Even though I’d never met him before. All I remember of that was he was short, about my height even though my brother’s older than me, with curly brown hair and lots of freckles. Scene cut. I was one of the victims. A boy, on the older end. I was in a dark cave/room lit only by a small flickering candlelight. They had some kind of contraption set up, the monsters. It was a machine that would shoot a small object at me and if I didn’t deflect it I would get shocked. And it was constant. I still don’t know why the monsters were doing this. Now I was back to my own body. My brother and his friends were in a car together, and I was standing a good ways away. He waved me over to them (or so I thought) and as I ran over I realized he was calling to one of his other friends, not me. It was really embarrassing and none of them even noticed. The scene switched again. I was eating in a large room with several other kids. I realized I was sitting next to one of my ex-friends and I decided to stay sitting with her because she had no idea about the monsters and I didn’t want to see anyone slip up and be killed for it. I guess at this point I had figured it out and knew that even at that point we were being watched. One of the girls sitting next to us suddenly starts complaining about being ill. She is apparently really sick and has a bad stomachache. A flash of that deja vu feeling kicks in and I try to stop her. But it’s too late. Some people come over, feigning sympathy and take her to the nurse. But I already knew what happened. They were monsters and they had taken her back to their lair for whatever crazy experiments they did there. I guess I escaped the town that summer. There was one more part of the dream that I remember. I was sitting in a dorm room with one of my friends. She was talking to be about an assignment she had done in college and I stopped her. “You’re in college?!” I asked and she nodded along as if my question wasn’t absurd. I was so confused. “Am I in college? How old am I? I can’t remember anything.” My dream self wasn’t even paranoid about this. I just was like, oh, weird, can’t remember stuff. But now I’m annoyed! Maybe I could’ve realized this and become lucid. Ah, too bad. So, yeah. That’s it for that dream. It’s confusing and all over the place in more ways than one, but I felt the need to describe everything (like I said - gotta work on my recall!).