Walking around neighborhood ‘dream skipping’

Date: 8/20/2019

By Pastafarian

I was in the bedroom of a little boy, I told him about how I was dream hopping and visiting people instead of dreaming. Also talked about how his dad didn’t need to catch me talking to him before bed and he said his dad wouldn’t mind but I hid from him regardless when I went to use his restroom. I told him it was time to go and I walked around outside a neighborhood searching for houses to enter. I went inside one with a lady that reminded me exactly of my nana and I cried in her arms about it and she hugged me hard but claimed she didn’t know who I was and that it was time for bedtime. (Foggy details: I think a man similar to Bubs lived there. Was there someone ‘dream skipping’ with me? I almost remember going back to the lady’s house instead of moving on, but I woke shortly after this event and don’t remember.)