Anime Dream # 4

Date: 4/26/2017

By comatose-dreamer

I had powers like Saitama from One Punch Man where I had superhuman strength and was able to jump really high at long distances. I lived in a big house that looked like a two boxes stacked on top of each other with castle spires on top (it was very weird looking). My room was on the 2nd floor with a small balcony that overlooked the city I lived in. When I jumped to the fourth floor, I saw a child sized robot tinkering with something in a room that had blue and yellow star wallpaper. The robot saw me and thought I was an intruder and was going to try to catch me, but I quickly jumped to the next floor. I was trying to use my powers to jump to each floor's balcony so I could jump to the top of the building, but I knew I haven't used them in a long time so I couldn't jump very high. As I got to the top of the house, I fully regained my powers and jumped hundreds of feet into the air and landed on a cathedral looking building that was a couple blocks away.