weird clips

Date: 2/19/2017

By bear

Dreamt I asked my roommate if she had opportunities for me to make money to take off the rent....A family member was using my name to send a lot of heroin... in a building with others preparing for something, vibe of class kind of or doing some academic work, but also friendly, just hanging out drinking coffee. Drank lots of coffee. One dream where a butterfly's wings were unfolding. I put water on the wings to help them unfold and the butterfly merged with the paper towel it was laying on like a gooey butterfly shaped blob... in another a wealthy person (maybe Damian) was showing me a tank full of otters. They were getting out through holes in the bottom and I was catching them. Then there was an ocean/lake and me and another girl were throwing plastic harpoon toys into the water and they were pulling us around and we were getting tangled. Damian said something about having things to dress warm.