Maxx and the moon

Date: 5/29/2017

By pheeniealexandra

So me, maxx, and some other guy were on the moon. And the moon had all these like empty warehouses on it where people had stayed or something and it was very ominous because they were empty and kinda broken down and it was obvious something bad happened to the people in them. So the third guy wrote something super sinister on the wall like along the lines of "get out, there's something here" or something and then he killed himself. But he fucked up, so he had to shoot himself in the head again once he realized he was still alive. And maxx was like talking about killing himself and I was trying to stop him. I had an automatic assault rifle and I fired a round into the ceiling where it knocked this big light over and it almost fell on maxx and I had to knock him out of the way. And then I woke up.