Powdered Wigs, Mud, and Witches.

Date: 2/24/2017

By Fitful

There was a mansion on a hill. Lots of rich people partied there, in Victorian style dress. Even those powdered wigs, although they were short. The entire room where they danced was dusty from the powder, it hung in the air, dancing in the sunlight, clouding in the lungs. There was also a trailer which was on the property far into the forest. A little girl lived there with her father. He worked for the people in the mansion on the hill. I was tentatively friends with her. Then someone died, her mom I think, and I didn't spend time with her because she was sad. I didn't see her for a while. I got caught up in some magical demands. A Witch lived under the mansion, well she had been imprisoned there for centuries, encased in stone. Some weird stuff happened to me and I was forced by her to dig her out. It was a blackmail, enchantment type deal. I couldn't not do. I dug for hours, days, in thick furrows of mud. I came home dirty. I didn't come home at all. I just dug. The mud was all the same color, warm honey brown. A bit like red clay. She had two sisters who were there when the witch came out. They were very pretty and did not wear powdered wigs, but natural beautiful hair. They were also nicer and didn't seem too eager to welcome their sister, fake smiles stretched across their faces when she emerged from the prison of muck. She came out this stone creature, white and posed like a horror movie witch about to attack hands like claws, until it all broke that off like a stone mask falling from her whole body and beneath it she was human. She then immediately took off her corset from around her belly which stay the same for a minute and then swelled into a pot belly and sagged out over her waist. She muttered something about having to wear a corset for a thousand years. I was texting back and forth, on the countryside message board about how it was awful what happened to the little girls mother. I voiced criticism against the nobles who were responsible for her death. The little girl had been viewing that and came to find me and be friends again. We sat in her room in the trailer and munched on food. There was am invisible crocodile in the river. The river was made of mud, flowing mud, not water. The river was the same color as the mud beneath the mansion I dug.