Disco plane

Date: 8/22/2019

By dizzzy

In this dream I wasn’t actually a character in the dream, I was kind of just watching it all go down. There were people waiting to board a plane, and there was this one guy who might have been famous? He was wearing colorful disco clothes and he danced all the way to the plane while everyone cheered. Everyone else was wearing 70s clothes too, including the main guy who I was following. He was wearing shimmery silver and blue clothes. When it was finally the main guy’s turn, he scanned his ticket and made his way to the plane. When he got there, there was some sort of projector in his seat? When he watched it, it revealed the mole on his butt? When he turned around, everyone on the plane was laughing and he knew it was the famous guy. They all had projectors on their foreheads? They continued to laugh and he said something to them that I don’t remember. Then, a woman spoke and said, “there’s nothing wrong with that mole, your mama made that.” Everyone nodded in agreement, except for the famous guy who continued laughing.