dying soldier

Date: 5/6/2017

By violator205

My eyes open, can feel the fear of dying take over my body, I take a minute to try and comprehend what is go ing on, why am I in this desert, I covered in dirt and blood, whos gun am I holding, what is that horrendous smell? Standing there I feel myself in the body of a soldier who is paralyzed in his own existence, I hear his thoughts, sense his fear, I don’t kno become part of him. So with w him as a person but I the mind of a preteen boy having no fear of my own, I take over, not only do I remo to give up, I can ve the desire literally feel him regain the will to fight. So he does, taking out enemy after enemy wit bare hands until there is only one enemy left standing and then it becomes clear that we have no ammo left, no knives and the enemy begins to run towards me, only then do I see he is already dead and cannot be killed by my soldier. I was so immersed in the dream that I began to use my own thoughts in the dream, all the while knowing I am in reality laying in my bed directing the scene trying to get this unknown soldier to safety.. the undead enemy is getting closer and faster to point where I can hear his breath behind us, in the distance I see a pile of dead, rotting bodies and think to myself, that’s your escape, that’s where you need to hide.. he jumps in and pulls bodies on top of us, the enemy keeps running righ looking back, my eyes open, safe and t passed us, never sound at my parents house