who is robbie grunger?

Date: 9/27/2019

By chinone

i texted a group chat (that doesnt exist irl) of my high school friends, asking if theyd like to see a movie only one of then answers but for some reason i knew it was all of them replying at once, like that one friend represented the whole group. "no" they say but ask me to describe the movie anyway "its called "who is robbie grunger?"" i dont care for the movie but for some reason my dream self really Really needed to know the story before anyone else did. the movies genre is "none" and is made by robert downey jr and robert downey jr Only. he plays every character, he wrote the script and music, he did the lighting and costumes. everything. let me say that robert downey jr isnt my fave actor. ive probably seen like two movies with him in it. i have no idea why i needed to see this movie i go to the movies by myself and watch "who is robbie grunger?". i dont remember much of the movie itself but the main character is robbie grungus played by robert downey jr in sunglasses. hes trying to find a man named robbie grunger who we never see i exit the theater feeling weirdly satisfied, then i stop, i say "wait. who IS robbie grunger?" since we never actually find out suddenly im in third person view, looking at myself. my dream self looks at "me" (the "camera") and asks "are YOU robbie grunger?" and then i wake up