Menstrual Thief

Date: 3/17/2017

By katjbooson

I was at school, but it looked like an old Jr High I used to go to as opposed to my current high school. I was running around, couldn't remember where my first period class was. I also knew I had played a big prank that was fixing to be discovered, but I couldn't remember what it was. I ran towards the bathrooms to try to collect myself when I was stopped just outside by a kid in a wheelchair. I don't remember much about him except he was creepy and wanted to come into the bathroom with me. From inside the bathroom I heard shrieks coming from downstairs. Someone had discovered my prank. I had stolen all the pads and tampons from their usual emergency spot that our school provided downstairs... and I had framed someone for it. One of the APs pulled me aside and asked me if I did it. "No sir," I laughed. "But I think I remember Ms. Hughes saying something about needing tampons..." He ran off in the direction of my algebra room to get Ms. Hughes. Next thing I remember was her being pulled down the hallway in handcuffs as a weird music video montage started of her singing about being a jailbird and doing community service in a grocery store. Flash back to me at school and the wheelchair kid was back, this time with a bunch of creep-o friends. He pointed down at my shoe, "What's that coming out of your shoe, ma'am? Is it any sort of ILLEEEEEGAL SUBSTANCES?" he asked accusingly. He was the hall monitor and was trying to get me in trouble. I looked down to see toilet paper sticking out of my shoe. "It's not, dipshit," I rolled my eyes at him. "It's toilet paper."