Scary dream that made no sense?

Date: 9/25/2019

By Chaos/SSJ

So it started out with a field trip so we were getting on a bus to go somewhere and we were all given a number that told us where to sit and then a person asked me if i would mind if they sat next to me and afterwards she kept talking about how hot it was and how it was hard to breath so i opened the window in front of us and our window and once we got to the place we were going it was a weird factory place that my dad worked at so i went inside and i had to pick either Kirby or Deoxys to defeat this monster but i kept losing the game so i tried looking around i found this lab where I accidentally released this electric ball that bounces nonstop and draws electricity wherever it goes and it was deadly too but i left and it knocked over chemicals that created this monster of chemicals so i came back after all the electricity was gone and i was on the phone with my dad telling him about all the chemicals and he said not to touch it no matter what so i walked around and was trying to find something when i saw my cat standing in a huge puddle of chemicals as if it was nothing so i tried to get him but in order to do so i had to step into the puddle but the moment i did the puddles color was turning from purple to green and red and it was drying up as if it was being absorbed by the floor and then i heard the monster saying that ill never escape so i grabbed my cat and ran through the chemicals which started moving and attacking me oddly like Doflamingo and his strings against luffy in one piece so thats how the chemicals looked when they were coming at me so just when there was nowhere else to run i saw Garry the snail for some reason so i was waiting for it to get me as i had the perfect escape and the moment he climbed up my arm i launched a spider web onto the ceiling where i wad able to escape and i started running through this old town that was very dark and very creepy as i ran through the town it was as if I remembered every scary story the place had and i ran past this crate and remembered that scarecrows would come from it and would attack children and take them across the town and lock them in an old abandoned house but i knew it was sealed up so no scarecrows can come out of it anymore so i kept running when i ran past this house that looked like it was sealed up for a very long time as if it was to keep things in and i kept hearing a child screaming for help and i decided to ignore it but in the town it was a rule to never ignore a cry for help but i kept running when i heard the noise of metal bending and screws popping off of something and i peeked my head around the corner and out of a pipe hundreds and hundreds of orange goblin like creatures cam out and running towards me and it i kept hearing more metal bending and crew pops and looked around and saw them starting to come out of building so i started running the orange goblins looked like each other without any differences to them and thats when my dream became like a video game i grabbed F.L.U.D.D and sprayed the goblins and they’d disappear but the kept coming endlessly so i decided that even though its been forever since i last saved I’m just gonna go back and not release that electric ball and i cut off the game which woke me up