Time Travel to 1998

Date: 6/8/2017

By berlinkk

J1 and I were spying on myself during recess. I looked extremely lonely and awkward. I was not hanging out with anyone but watching everyone else play and talking to myself. At one point during recess; the child version of me had platinim white hair. Then recess was over and we were spying through the window as the kids entered the classroom. J1 said I looked fine. I told her that I had worked with troubled kids and if I had seen that behaviour in a child, I would have done something about it. J1 told me it looked like I had Schizophrenia or something. All of a sudden my arch-nemesis (as a child) J2 was on my other side as we peered through the window at the kids. She asked me if I had Schizophrenia. I said no; however I had seen this kind of behaviour in other kids and was extremely concerned for them; and I couldn't believe that it had been missed or at the very least dealt with the way it was, as it was with me.