Date: 7/1/2017

By AriStars

Family trip to the Camel Beach indoor resort for a grand total of three nights. Happy sixteen to me! Luckily, I just bought the cutest swimsuits for the trip. When we get inside and find a place to set our things down, I remove my clothes to reveal my fort red one piece suit. All around me, I see people giving me "wow" looks, including cute guys as well. I am soaking in all the attention. My parents let me go and I roam around the indoor water park. Since I'm old enough, I go into the hot tub. I stay there and close my eyes as I'm surrounded by adults. Then, I feel a little bump next to me. I open my eyes and turn to the person on my left. I couldn't believe my eyes, and neither could the person sitting next to me as well. It was Mr S, my math teacher. We nervously both said hi to each other. I said how crazy of a coincidence this is. He said I couldn't agree more. I ask him who he's with and he says his wife. He asks the same question and I reply with my family. He asks where they are and I say they are around and I'm old enough to be on my own, I just turned 16. He congratulates me and says your a woman now. I blush and we turn away from each other for a moment. I ask him where's his wife. He said his wife was sleeping in the hotel room. I told him I was room 519. He said really? In room 517. We both are pretty bewildered by how crazy this was. For a few moments of silence, we relaxed with our eyes closed. In the water, his hand started to flow in the current of the water and it brushed against my leg. I was startled a little and smiled. He turned red and said sorry. I said it's alright. After a bit, I outright said I was starving because I didn't have breakfast. He said he didn't either. Then, he said how about he treats us out for lunch at the bar. I said oh no I couldn't. He said it's no problem, treating one of my favorite students. I couldn't possibly say no after that. So I got up out of the hot tub with him following afterwards. As I stood and waited for him to come out of the rowdy tub, I noticed him looking me down at my swimsuit. He stutters, clears his throat since he saw me looking at him check me out and compliments nice swimsuit. With a quick glance at Mr S who was wearing just swimming trunks, I saw that he was in pretty good shape and didn't have the dad tummy going on. I replied you don't look so bad yourself, giving him a little smile and walked on. We sat down at the bar together. I asked again if he was sure that he wanted to pay for my meal. He said it's really no problem. Then he asked now what would the lady like for her lunch. I laughed and replied she would like a cheese pizza and fries. Mr S said as you wish. He called over bartender and told him my order and his order of a double cheeseburger. We made small talk until the waiter arrived with our food. I immediately dug into my food, until I noticed that he was looking at me chomping away. I blushed and said sorry. He said no no it's fine you must really be starving. We both laughed. We talked on and on.Then, he took a napkin and told me you have a lil tomato sauce...then he slowly wiped the spot of tomato sauce on the side of my lip. He stopped halfway and looked at my face with a certain intensity. His thumb rested on my mouth and I quickly turned my face away smiling. I said thank you, he replied no problem and we continued eating together. Out of the blue, my family appeared out of the blue and asked me where I've been. I panicked and sputtered I was at the hot tub and then got lunch. They interrogated me and asked with what money. I was stuck and coming to my rescue, Mr S raised his hand and said I'm guilty of treating to her lunch. My parents were taken aback as they recognized him as my math teacher from sophomore year. My parents said oh what a surprise...After a brief silent moment, my parents said you really shouldn't have paid for her lunch. Mr S said don't worry about it I was just helping out. My parents seemed a little uneasy and told me to hurry up so we can go on a slide together. Mr S said he was just about to leave to check on his wife. As they waited, Mr Steen leaned in and whisper into my ear i wanna say you later. Meet me outside the room at 11 later if you can. Then he held my bare arm for a moment, sending a rush through my whole body. He was so close to me. He smiled at me and my parents, greeting us goodbye and left. We both turned back to see each other go from each other's view. 11:00😏 video lesb .