Inescapable death

Date: 3/1/2017

By CreepyLexi13

My house seemed to be like a hotel or something. This part is hazy but i think there was a ghost or something in the bathroom. This girl was too close to ending it so it ended her. It tied something around her neck and strangled her. Now for some reason i got involved. I got to the same point she did but i escaped the strangling. I ran to my parents room and hid. It still tried to kill me but i got away. I told my parents and i was just ready to die. For some reason we went out, perhaps thinking we could escape it. They brought me to a store and i just got a bag of candy because "I'm gonna die anyway" then i told my crush i liked him at a school basketball game. At some point after me making all these requests i went back home and i was still trying to get away but it strangled me