??? another turn in the dream??? idk

Date: 6/23/2019

By woyote

okay so i have no idea where in the timeline if my dream this took place so it's getting it's own log smsmmsks. basically i was walking home from school n i was pissed that i had to start attending lhs again and my mom had left the state again so i was staying at robbys but Robby no longer lived at the pink house. all our stuff was there but basically he was roommates with this really big guy who was like 6'6 n owned the house. it was honestly kinda like a dark n dank lil cottage but whatever it was cute. all i really remember was that we had really realistic and in depth conversations, i was awkward and uncomfortable, robby giving me a toothbrush to use, and a weird mix of both of our grandmas being there n talking to us. that and i apparently needed something from the pink house so i skipped thru people yards and houses to get there. i think the neighbor lived in a really rich and guarded house n for some reason my dumbass decided to run thru their house n get chased by their dog. that's it. that was the dream.