My roommate cut an apple and it bled

Date: 5/27/2019

By Sylvester

(I've been awake for a few hours, so bits of this dream are foggy) I dreamt that I was living in a concrete building with a few other people. There were multiple stories, but nobody lived in the basement. At one point the person who lived above the basement complained about how "they're making that god-damned noise again". I headed to the basement to stop them. The basement wasn't really one room, but more like some sort of dusty catacomb. I walked around to check to see where they were, and found a hatch. I didn't open it, but knew it was filled with spiders, which were apparently the source of the noise. I headed upstairs and told the guy who lived above about the situation, and we walked around the catacombs some more to decide what to do. At some point we went upstairs and he pulled out a box full of magic charms, and I went online and Google told me that I needed to cut an apple to stop the magic spider king. I told the guy with the charms, and he set a red apple in a shallow clear Tupperware. This is the most memorable part of the dream. He took a knife and began to chop up the apple. It's insides were of a normal texture, but pure white, and it bled very gooey blood. The farther he chopped, the more it bled, and when he reached the center there was a hollow round pit filled with more blood . I never felt scared or unsettled while he was cutting the apple, but excited. This whole time a song was playing that sounded sort of like a Vashti Bunyan song, and the lyrics were either "yet we keep on changing" or "come on let's change". This is the strangest yet most coherent dream I've had in a long time.