Tidal Waves

Date: 8/17/2019

By WallyScag

I parked my car in a private road right in the water front to what I think was my home in Virginia Beach despite there being tall pine trees and a massive revine, which I know is definitely not there. I was walking along and then I saw what I always do when the dreams happen. Far enough away there was a big wave brewing. Big, but not massive. If I was a surfer, this would be the type of wave I imagine I’d get pretty excited about. At first I was actually walking along the sand pretty far inland, maybe a few dozen meters or so. The tide was really high, like there was already a massive wave that hit. I remember the water being so bright and blue, like none of the sand had been disturbed... then I got sucked in by the undertow. My eyes didn’t sting when I opened them, but I do remember being scared that I was going to drown but starting down despite me only being a few feet deep. I managed to eventually stand up when the big wave crashed over me. It wasn’t painful, it felt like being buffeted by a normal, regular sized wave that shows up down in that area, and then was quickly followed by another, much larger wave, this one I was able to ride all the way beyond the sand. The only difference was that this time I got sand and salt water in my mouth and didn’t want to get caught in the waves again. Now I was in the tree line. The tall pine trees reminded me of Bellevue, Washington, where I’d just come back from a trip from earlier in the week. Jess, my best friend was there, her back again a te as if shielding herself from the waves. She didn’t look scared, in fact she was calm and happy to see me. She wasn’t alone though. There were so many other people doing the same thing, bracing themselves against the trees. When I looked out into the ocean I could see it, another monster was brewing. It seemed to span the entire horizon and would undoubtedly reach us here at the tree line, so I followed suit and braved myself behind the sturdiest one I could find. The wave came, the tree held, and I watched as water cane spilling through and poured down the step lush hill into the green. This happened a few more times, and me and Jess spoke though I can’t recall the conversation. She still want scared. In fact, the way we were talking felt like it was just another casual conversation like one of our phone calls. At this point I started to get worried about my car I parked. Another wave came, only this time, it was bigger. Instead of watching the water flow next to me though, it was blocked. Jess and the other people wrapped and blocked it with some sort of plastic wrap type cloth. I was getting more worried now though, and I knew by the distance of the other wave that I had to leave them in order to get to my car in time before the next wave hit to take shelter there. I don’t know how or why I knew, but if would be there when I got to it. Sure enough it was. My little blue hatchback coup, de as a bone and out of danger in the little private street. But time was running out and I knew if I didn’t get inside, the water would wash me away. I made it, but only just. When the next wave hit, my car was carried back a little ways. I remember the emergency brake I usually leave on four parking was still up and even made my car skid as the water carried it. Remembering my way back home, I drive off. No waves hit the entire time. When I do make it however, there’s another one brewing and this one is the size of buildings. When I got back to the condo complex, thankfully there were some unfamiliar buildings to take shelter behind other than the ones we live in, just like bracing ourselves against the trees. I get ready, just like everyone else in the neighborhood and we all take shelter, just like before. I think about Jess, and I get upset. There’s no way she could still be where she was and survived this big of a wave... Julian, my brother, is there now and he’s safe, thankfully. He’s been bracing himself as well, though when the next wave, which was only about 6ft tall came, I remember having to drag him into the shelter with us because he was distracted. He didn’t seem to notice or care to much, as the only thing that happened to him are his clothes got wet. The biggest wave yet was coming. We kept ourselves braved and let it wash us over. We were safe, and when we all looked forward we could see an endless blue. The sun was still shining through it though, make out bright, and there were no fish. This was the last of them I think, and what’s strange to was that we were all able to just... walk back to our front door after. There wasn’t any damage or destruction really. In fact the only evidence that there were any waves at all was that the ground was wet, but thinking about it now, it only really looked like it just got done raining. Then Julian tried getting e to watch a trailer for guardians of the galaxy 3, which was annoying and I remember telling him that he knows I hate when people suggest things for me to watch because even though by the time I do watch them and then, I don’t like the fact that someone else suggested it. It’s a word pet peeve. Then this really basic dream version of the ship Peter Quill uses was in our front yard, and a banging was coming from the inside. I thought it was something like Gamora being trapped in there, but I’m not really sure. Then the most annoying part of my dream was when I asked Julian how he prepared for the tidal waves, he said he shattered the windows. Which he totally did. I’m not sure why, maybe its dream logic, but the screen doors in front of our house were totally shattered. I remember being so mad and telling him it doesn’t work like that. Then I woke up.