vegetarian arachnids

Date: 8/15/2017

By asbailao

i dreamt i was living with my current roommates in my grandmother's former flat. my brother and boyfriend were there too. my brother had a pet spider, she's big, orange and vegetarian. he was feeding it money bills, and the spider became obsessed with it. the colored paper of the bills made it produce colorful balls of a hard material, it came out from where the web is supposed to come out. they looked like eggs but werent eggs. they were small, bright, green, blue or turquoise and looked like luminous glass. one of my roommates brought a scorpion to the house - and I think it was also a vegetarian kind. both the spider and the scorpion disappeared from their glass boxes, and i freaked out cuz i'm arachnofobic. i kept arguing with him that i wouldnt be able to sleep without knowing where they were. then i went to the kitchen (the flat was EXACTLY like my grandma's and i have recurrent dreams with it), and my other roommate was cooking Asian food. she used some colored stuff as ingredients and i think they were the spider's eggs".