The Black Man

Date: 8/11/2017

By Extravagance

There's this thing called "The Black Man" that comes to kill but he prefers to kill children. He loves music and darkness & he loves it when his victims are singing otherwise he'll kill them. But screaming in his face is a weakness, so this lady tells me all of this and I'm in my room thinking about it and it's night and my parents go to sleep and all of a sudden my iPad turns off and so does my phone and the light in my room turns off as well. I immediately know it's The Black Man but I don't lose my shit yet. I walk to the light and it isn't turning on so I walk to my parents bedroom and my iPad's flashlight is veryyyy dim. Y'know when you sometimes walk to your room at night you feel as though you're chased by a monster? I felt that & knew it was him so I screamed & bolted to my parents bedroom & slept there. Next day, The Black Man shows up but his outfit isn't complete (suit and tie, trousers, hat, and music) and all he needed was the hat and music. Everyone is thinking of ways to defeat him while he casually walks around. He goes into this office room and I follow him with my dad, I whisper to my dad to not complete his outfit, The Black Man turns around and tells us to shush we're too loud and reaches down into a telephone and plays music (idk how) and immediately I'm like "fuck" and then my dad gIVES HIM A FUCKING HAT and I just watch him hand it over. Anyway he puts it on and everything immediately dims to black and the music is muffled and his nails are LONG AF and he's his true, scary, figure again and he immediately turns to me and I run and he chases me and then I remember that he'll kill you if you do that so I turn around and I scream in his face and he backs away and this lady pops out of the darkness out of no where and is helping me and so he gets closer again and I sing this time and he's like very happy and soothed and I scream in his face and he's shooketh and (Right after this moment) as the lady was trying to kill him but she failed I woke up.