Horror show

Date: 7/4/2017

By pandaitis

It is like some sort of horror tv show but as far as I can tell it was supposed to be real in the dream. Multiple things happened but I only remember one scene. I am standing in a room with a teenage boy and his mom. The boy is sitting on the floor and his mom is standing over him. Something is wrong with his thumb and it may be broken. (This part gets kind of gross) the mom decides that we must amputate the thumb but we are not going to the hospital.i help her cut it off while the boy is still awake and he is crying. We cut off the thumb with a saw but that fleshy part between the thumb and pointer finger won't cut except for the part closest to the hand so there is a large string of flesh holding on the last bit of thumb, the part that is actually in the hand rather than part of the finger. There is a lot off blood and his hand looks more torn than cut. Just then his brother walks into the room. He is maybe 14. He looks at his brother with the missing thumb and screams in a scared crying tone "mom what are you doing he needs a hospital." For some reason this makes the mom very angry and she pushes the 14 year old boy to the bathroom were she punches him hard and he falls back on to the toilet. I tell her to stop and she says "No I must teach him a lesson." The dream then cuts to the roll of toilet paper on the wall and I here sounds of the mother strangling and punching the boy and with each punch more and more blood splatter onto the toilet paper until there are certain pieces that are entirely red with blood. The toilet paper begins to unravel by itself showing the the blood soaked deep into the roll. Then the dream show the mother once again, her son is sitting on the toilet dead and she is crying over him saying something along the lines of "what have I done." Over and over again.