marriage/purse club?

Date: 3/4/2017

By Kesscapade

so I'm at a wedding and for some reason I feel pressured to get married. Someone decided that I would just get married to my cousin Seth (super gross, super weird). We were both just kind of okay with that and so was everyone else when we told them. I later met someone else (not sure who) who suggested that I get married to him, and I preferred him over seth so I had to tell seth that I didn't want to marry him anymore, and he was super chill about it. I just remember feeling the pressure of marriage but at the same time no one really cared about it. Next scene. Im in high school but my but the school is layed out a lot like my middle school, but more modern. I over hear that the costume club was having some sort of special dinner party event. So I show up with a plate of cookies and like 10 purses that they had been missing, I don't remember why I had them I guess I just thought the club culd use them. I am greeted warmly and I take a seat at the end of a long rectangular table that expands the width of the room. Ive never been In this room in my life and I has a large warehouse industrial feel with a large divider in the center, the table was up against the divider. The girls next to me asked me if I was interested in joining the club. I said that I was a senior and it was already march so there wasn't any point, they look disappointed in my answer and so does the instructor. We didn't even eat at all we just all talked for a while. I wake up here.