Crowded whiteboard and the Cockroach 🪳 invasion

Date: 1/28/2023

By Purple

There was a little girl who was drawing circles with a blue marker on a whiteboard that had a lot of miscellaneous words and doodles on it. She couldn’t read or write yet, but she was trying to portray a message that I couldn’t figure out. Another adult was also unclear what her message was. Maybe she was indicating it was her favorite color. I decided to take a red, blue and purple marker to show her that red and blue make purple, because purple is my favorite color. The left side of the board appeared to be for older students. The right side appeared to be gibberish. While I was seeking a spot among the gibberish to draw on the crowded board, there was a distraction. Suddenly I realized my message wasn’t so important and the little girl’s attention subsided. Scene changed I was in an office I was in an office I didn’t recognize with colleagues I wasn’t familiar with in real life. My desk was in a corner and seemed spacious. But there seemed to be a dresser in my space as well. The dresser caught my attention. There were roaches coming out of the bottom. I opened the bottom drawer and noticed hundreds of roaches. Most were small, some were medium and one or two were large. I emptied the drawer and saw a load of bread as well as a pack of crackers and immediately threw them out. I looked around and found a pair of socks. I put one sock on each hand and flattened as many roaches as possible. It was gross, but had to be done. I approached the friendly receptionist to ask her to call in an exterminator. I thought I’d be embarrassed, but as I came up to her, I saw she was also dealing with roaches from her bottom drawer as well. I was relieved when I had asked her because she was going to do so anyway. Dream ends.