Poisonous Turtles

Date: 8/1/2017

By the-secretgaygent

I was in a museum and me and a few friends were investigating a robbery. The perp kept on possessing (like a demon) different stuffed specimens to try and get away. I was walking around looking for clues when I heard a crash. Me and my friend Alana ran towards, finding a room with glass cases filled with gems completely destroyed. In the middle of the room there was a giant orca. To find it, Alana and I followed trails of water it had left, Alana finding one that led to the tail and me finding one that led to the mouth. The two trails apparently told us that the perp was using yet another animal to hide. Next thing, I was in a building that looked like my school. I was searching for the new animal when I came across a snail. Thinking this might be the perp I picked it up, but I turned into a turtle. I brought it to my friends and we started to debate whether or not this was our perp. Suddenly, I dropped the turtle and it's leg fell off. I started to freak out but then it turned into thousands of smaller turtles that began to swarm the school. Alana came running to us saying that they were poisonous turtles and we had to evacuate the school. I started running around the school yelling "RUN" as loud as I could. Then the dream cut to out side the school and I was trying to figure out what to do next when suddenly someone asked me "what about the steam room?" which was apparently this very hot room with steam that held the ends of a lot of the vents for the school. I ran to one of the teachers telling them that if the turtles got into to the steam room and died there, there would be poisonous steam that could leak to the rest of the school and possibly outside. She said something about molecules combining when I woke up.