My life that day in a dream

Date: 5/10/2019

By alejandrariv3ra

Had a dream that I was visiting a house and it had an Olympic sized pool, I was visiting it with an Asian couple who I was scared of. As I leave the weather is really bad (it was storming really bad this night too) and I end up on the little road to drive into the Super Target by Cinco. Here my friends and I are waiting for a message which will tell us if a swim competition is on or not, we get told it will not be on that morning but it will be on at some point during the day so we should just wait and see when they let us know. (Aka just how I was waiting to hear about the bio exam that night.) we are at a party and the venue is a field, almost like a festival but I know it’s just a party. I’m with Mabel and she’s quite drunk so I decide to go home and my home ends up being a place I don’t recognize in real life. Anyways at home, Olie B is there and I get into bed with him. He’s cuddling me and being like really dominant in the way he treats me and I like it but I just keep thinking how embarrassed I’ll l be if this gets out.