Bradley coming back

Date: 1/18/2017

By maritzaV1288

It's was Jasmine and Vero and I we where all talking. I can't remember but then Vero said that we had to go now. Jasmine said she couldn't go but Jasmine and I look at each other. She gave me her phone just in case she fell a sleep and didn't wake up I had 3 phones in my Hand by the time. Vero and I got to the car I was sitting in the back. when we stop and picked up Brady. He started to drive really fast we stop someone where and we almost hit the wall. I asked him how does it feel to be out. Bradley said it's feels great. I told him if he was done with that he look at me saying that he made up to a 1500 almost a week. I said you don't want to go back in there you have Bradley. we got out of the car. and there where cars passing by and around there was grass the sun was coming down soon. we got back in the car where we passed by a mountain where there was fire balls in it she said that she seen a movie or read a book how they did I told her you seen how you die she said no the movie. as we kept driving I felt so weak and tired I ask Bradley if he could do one thing for me. he said what I asked him please don't be mean to Vero and Bradley I to cry and couldn't finish my words. Vero had this look in her face she felt so alive where she left this love for him.