Real-life GTA

Date: 6/6/2017

By Zephandrypus

Started out I was in a fighter jet, locking on to tons of enemy aircraft like Robrocop. Me and my friend raced to the beach and he tried taking a shortcut between two buildings so I won. I took my sister on a roadtrip in a sweet-ass car and went off a ramp going onto the beach, at full speed, jumping out. Tried starting the car again but it wouldn't ignite. Dad was there and there was a parking lot full of cars. Really big trucks as well as a couple sports cars. Dad picked up a really nice light blue convertible in his arms, somehow. At some point it became a giant vehicle store. Then I saw it, the "Bit Buster". A plane that could automatically blow up flying debris. I picked it up and started trying to glide my way through some holes in the store's doors.